Having spent 27 years working with Oracle and the last 20 in ERP it was inevitable that ERP will eventually take over the world if you hang around long enough.  The time has come when EPM has become subservient to ERP and not before time.

Joking aside, “what’s he on about?”

Oracle has provided some great updates to the Fusion Digital Assistant or FADA as some call it. The ability to now invoke EPM processes and results is a very useful addition. By the way, and it probably goes without saying, however you need to have the EPM suite set up (and have its resting place on Gen 2 architecture).

We all want a faster close process, of course, we do, so allowing both ERP and EPM to “talk” to each other in a more joined-up way is a great benefit.

So let’s take a closer look. Firstly, you can look into your EPM close status along with any pending tasks and consolidate data directly within the digital assistant. This does need to be configured however that’s something Qubix can help with.

Once this is complete your teams become much more integrated with reducing the month, quarter, and year-end close process. The two areas that can be configured are Account Reconciliation (ARCS) and Consolidation and Close (FCCS). The Digital Assistant is configured using “skills”, that’s not a ‘70s term for being good at something moreover a category for functionality.  Will we ever be fully automated with AI? Yes and no, Oracle needs to learn and through the rollout of “skills” this is how it happens:

Digital Assistant

A skill within the Digital assistant is “extended” to allow the two areas of the EPM suite mentioned to be connected.

Technically things are reasonably straightforward if you follow the Oracle documentation. A few things need to be configured, namely, a path through OCI (Gen 2) and the set-up of Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) as nobody wants access to EPM without security and this passes through SSO to ERP and then to EPM.

If you would like to learn more about how Oracle Digital Assistants can help your organization please contact us.

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