Oracle Analytics recently published a document that outlines the strategy that has been set out for Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic.

Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic was the first Oracle Analytics Cloud product offering deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Classic. It is a customer-managed service in which customers set up and manage the underlying system database and object storage components. Customers are also responsible for patching, backups, and monitoring aspects of the environment.

The main focus for the first iteration of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was based on being serverless and elastic. The second generation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure took this approach a step further by focusing in addition to security and autonomy.

Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic (OAC-C) Strategy

The announcement from Oracle states that “Oracle is stopping the delivery of new releases to OAC-C. The latest 6.4 release of OAC-C is the last release delivered to OAC-C instances.”

Oracle intends to provide four options for Oracle Analytics deployments. 

  1. Oracle Analytics Cloud - This option provides a service deployed on Oracle Cloud infrastructure that is fully managed by Oracle

  2. Oracle Analytics Server - This option provides customers with more flexibility on infrastructure choices. Customers will have to install, configure and manage the deployment

  3. Oracle Analytics Server - Oracle Analytics Server can be deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

  4. Hybrid of Oracle Analytics Server & Oracle Analytics Cloud - Customers that require a combination of Customer managed and Oracle-managed Oracle Analytics deployments.

Although Oracle has stated that these classic subscriptions will continue as well as the support for these classic subscriptions, it is now a good time to look forward to one of these four deployment options above. No new features or enhancements will be made to Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic but bug fixes will be provided.


To keep up to date with the new features of Oracle Analytics Cloud, consider a move to one of the four deployment options mentioned above in the previous section. This would be a good time to consider migrating from the legacy classic product to the second generation of Oracle Analytics Cloud. 

Get in touch if you are considering a move to the new Oracle Analytics Cloud and we can assist you in making this a possibility.

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Joel Acha


Joel Acha