Oracle Analytics March 2022 update is available, and as usual, is bringing some new exciting features. I will focus on some really nice ones, three to be exact, which I was waiting for quite some time and which will definitely improve developer and end-user experience:

  • new content management tool
  • conditional formatting in Performance Tile visualisations
  • Dashboard Filter Bar

Content Management

Personally, I am missing some more content management tools in Oracle Analytics. In this, March 2022 Update, this is certainly improving.

Under the Console, users have now an option to use Content management tools.


Content management allows users to quickly search through all objects (not just catalog) in the system. It allows searching by the owner as well.


Of course, more details are always available to inspect:


If the user is an Administrator, she can transfer ownership of an object from one user to another. For example, an employee leaves the company. 


This functionality in general is not new. It was available in the “OBIEE” catalogue of Oracle Analytics. The difference is that the new content management is extending content management to all objects and it can be seen as a central content management location.

Apply Conditional Formatting to a Visualization

On the data visualisation side, there is a minor change in the Performance Tile visualisation object as a much-awaited feature, conditional formatting on Performance Tile has been finally added.


So, if the conditional formatting rule is set on the Performance Tile visualisation then it is now applied as in any other visualisation.


Control the dashboard filter bar

Many users are missing the possibility to use filters in Workbooks just like they used filters on a dashboard. For example:


Dashboard prompt in Data Visualisation can be positioned vertically, as in the above example, or horizontally, as below.


Dashboard prompts behave the same way as filters applied in the filter bar. For example, values in one prompt field can be limited by the selection of other prompt fields. This is specifically useful in the case of hierarchies, where member values on the lower level are filtered based on selection on the upper level:



Oracle Analytics is getting more and more functionality with every update and this is really good for developers and users as it brings constant progress in terms of overall user experience. 

For more details about March 2022 Update, please check out the latest What’s New for Oracle Analytics Cloud.

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Ziga Vaupot


Ziga Vaupot