New Enhanced Search in Transaction Matching 

New Feature Description

A new Transactions tab has been added to the Matching card in Transaction Matching that allows you to search across transactions with varying statuses. Since many customers are loading a high volume of transactions across different profiles, transactions are either Suggested, Confirmed Match, or Unmatched and in the past, it could be difficult to find a particular transaction in each status. 

The new Transactions dialog gives you the ability to perform enhanced searching and filtering and lists transactions with all statuses. The Match Type drives the loading of the page and the system displays the first 5000 transactions for a given match type by Data Source.


Feature Enhancements

Note that Export to Excel is not currently included with this update, however it is planned to be included as an option with December 2020 (20.12) update.


Qubix Point-of-View

This much needed option has been added by Oracle in this release. Every Transaction Matching client perhaps was asking for this enhancement. The competitor of ARCS had used the lack of this functionality to knock-down ARCS in the past. But many thanks to Oracle Product Team for ramping up the development and release of this great functionality.


Recently, I did one conversion from non-ARCS reconciliation tool to ARCS and the client did not like the fact that there was not any section in ARCS to filter transactions. Glad that they have a solution now.



To search for transactions in Transaction Matching:


  • From Home, select Matching and then select Transactions.
Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (1)
Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (2)
Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (3)
Note that you can see the count of items displayed for this Match Type, Data Source, and Account ID on the right side.

Oracle ARCS Enhanced Search (4)

  • Match Type drop down list to select a match type such as in the example show


To select columns:

  • To see all available columns, from Actions, choose Select Columns.

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (6)

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (7)


To use filters:

  • Click Add Filter

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (8)

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (9)

  • Hide or Unhide Filter by clicking Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search Symbol

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (10)

  • Clear All Filters

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (11)

  • Clear or Remove Filter

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (12)

  • Refresh Data

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (13)



There are several actions you can take directly on transactions from Transactions. These actions include:

  • Unmatch transactions - to Unmatch transactions right from Transactions, you can select one or more transactions and click Unmatch. You can see that you can Unmatch, either Confirmed or Suggested Matches.

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (14)

  • Viewing Supporting Details - click the Support ID or Support Type column to open the Supporting details which is the same information you would see from the Unmatched dialog.
  • Viewing Current Matches - click the Match ID column to display the current matches and this shows you the transactions and adjustments involved.

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (16)

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (17)

You can also unmatch a transaction from the screen above.

  • View Transaction History - You can also see an audit trail or history of a transaction by clicking the Transaction ID.

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (18)

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (19)

You can use filter to filter the activities based on days.

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (20)

  • Save List - You can save your filter as list for future use

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (21)

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (22)

Once the list is saved, it will be available for the selection:

Oracle ARCS - Enhanced Search (23)

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