New Notification for Invalid Mappings in Oracle ARCS 

Problem Description

Currently in ARCS, there is no way of receiving notification for invalid mappings. One must go to Periods and look for the Invalid Mappings and Errors then, download the log for further investigation. Mostly, these errors occur due to new account or segment values added in the source system. 


Business Needs

If you are adding a few accounts or segment values each period, downloading the log manually, investigation the issue further and then fixing it will delay the account reconciliation process. It becomes even difficult to manage these errors in case of daily scheduled data loads scenario, as someone would have to look for these messages manually daily. It would be great to have a solution that can generate automatic notifications for such errors.

Creating a new profile ARCS is applied as a fix to most of these errors. The ARCS system administrator can easily create the profile but then the administrator would need all other information associated with the profile for which, the administrator would have to rely on either internal case management system or emails, which could delay the account reconciliation process.



Qubix has developed a solution to handle such scenarios in ARCS that too without relying on any external case management system.


Oracle ARCS - Invalid Mappings 1


Using the new alert feature in ARCS, you can automate notification for invalid mappings, orphan accounts, etc.


You can have an exceptional mapping (‘*’ to ‘Orphan Profile’), which will ensure that the data load never fails. So, for any new account created in the source system, if the corresponding profile is not created in ARCS, system will push data for this new member to an orphan profile. You can have a rule to keep this profile active or inactive based on the available data. It would mean the profile would not create any reconciliation if data does not exist for this profile (in other words, in the current reporting period, new account has not been added to the source system).


You can also put a rule to ensure that the orphan reconciliation is auto submitted and auto approved hence, no further action is needed for this reconciliation. Lastly, you can have a rule that when a reconciliation is created using the orphan profile, the system will create an automated alert, which will notify the designated users (or teams) to take further action. Using drill through functionality, the users can find out the accounts which required to update mapping in the Data Management or if a new profile is needed to be created. This solution also ensures that the administrator or the profile owners do not delay the cycle just because they do not have enough information related to the attributes of the profiles or information related to assignee.


This solution will assign it to a group and will trigger an alert to the relevant person based on either the account type or account group or any other defined criteria. The recipient of the alert then can decide the right assignee of the reconciliation or can take an appropriate action and this entire process is managed within the ARCS application rather than emails or external case management systems.


Technical Details

  • Create a Team (or Teams) who need to be notified when data is loaded to the orphan profile.

Oracle ARCS - Invalid Mappings 2

  • Create an alert type to handle such cases.

Oracle ARCS - Invalid Mappings

  • Create a profile which has the Team defined above as the Preparer and generates the alert defined above when a reconciliation is created.

Oracle ARCS - Invalid Mappings 4

  • Whenever the orphan profile receives data, a reconciliation would be created (and auto close as well) along with an alert associated with the same reconciliation.
    • Notice that each alert has a unique ID for easy identification and tracking the history.

Oracle ARCS - Invalid Mappings 5

    • Based on types of accounts you can generate the different types of alerts and accordingly you can assign it to the relevant teams.
    • Notice the related content assigned to the alert, which can be opened from the alert to find out more details and for executing drill through.

Oracle ARCS - Mappings 6

    • The alerts can also specify that within how much time the alert assignee must provide a response. In the response the assignee can provide information related to attributes of the profile and workflow related information. The assignee can also re-assign alert to different team/user. Based on the information provided by the assignee, the administrator then can create a new profile or update the mappings.

Oracle ARCS - Invalid Mappings 7

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Dipen Shah


Dipen Shah