So, Fusion Release 21B has arrived. Excellent; let’s go through some of the good stuff. Here at Qubix HQ, we’ve held back on the new features blog this quarter so as to capture a few important updates announced on 30 April.

Let’s dig in.

Fusion is always our friend, occasionally a frustrated adversary but here at Qubix, your trusted ERP partner, we are here to make the journey the best one possible.

Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA)

Integration with Microsoft Teams is now showing some real benefits. We can now create and modify expenses verbally using the digital assistant. The ODA automatically predicts expense types, currencies using natural language processing. You can also add the employees in attendance. This provides a real advantage to those who find their expenses on a Friday afternoon a bind.


Workflow Transaction Console

Although the console has been around for about 18 months now, there have been some significant changes. In update 21B, the Workflow Transaction Console is enhanced to display the workflow tasks related to the Invoice Hold Resolution workflow.

The Workflow Transaction Console lets you monitor workflow tasks, resolve exceptions, and search using your criteria. This approach now provides a much cleaner method of managing holds, as seen in the screenshot below.


Subledger Analysis Improvements

It’s fair to say that analysing sub-ledger journal entries has led to head-scratching that Laurel and Hardy would be proud of. We’ve had a good update on this release which allows us to dig deeper into the accounting rules and source values that sit behind the transactions and numbers. Use this analysis to determine whether appropriate rules were used, and make changes where required. This facilitates rules configuration during implementation, provides better visibility into rule exceptions, and creates a complete audit trail of accounted transactions.

Use the Analyze Journal Entry Page to review the source transaction distributions behind a journal entry along with details of the various sub-ledger accounting rules applied at the time accounting was created. You can do that for both draft and final accounted journal entries, as well as for invalid journal entries.


Performance Improvements

Behind the scenes, Oracle has made a few much-needed performance changes within :

  • Multi-Period Accounting
  • Voided Payments
  • Customer Payments

We tested this functionality within our lab and found performance to be much better than previous versions.

This is just a taster of some of the new features in 21B; if you would like to discuss the entire new release we would be delighted to help your organization get the most out of your Oracle Fusion roadmap.

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While you are here you might also like to download a free copy of our Moving ERP to the Cloud Strategy Briefing.


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