Advanced Analytics & Data Management

Fast-track your journey from raw data to actionable insights and enable a culture of expert data-driven decision-makers.

Complete Analytics Platform

Take data from any source and perform collaborative analytics with advanced capabilities that will unlock the value of your data faster. Enjoy visually rich self-service analytics powered by a modern Data Lakehouse.

Automated Data Management

Accelerate the deployment of Advanced Analytics with an autonomous data warehouse. Avoid all the complexity of the traditional data warehouse and reduce costs, maximize reliability and deliver high-performance insights.

Oracle Analytics Cloud & Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a high-performance analytics platform that provides your organization with every capability you will need to transform your data and produce value-added insights fast.

  • Open connections to any data source.
  • Blend different sources to create unified business semantics.
  • Transform, enrich, and heal the data based on specific analytics needs.
  • Business users can use no coding Machine Learning to build custom, business-specific models for better decision-making.
  • Experience rich and interactive Data Visualizations.
  • Share insights and collaborate around data to improve business outcomes.

Oracle Analytics Cloud is an advanced analytics platform suitable for every use case and every type of business user. 

When powered by the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), a high-performance, highly available, and elastic data warehouse, the total cost of ownership to produce business insights is slashed.

ADW features auto-provisioning, auto-configuration, auto-scaling and automated security bundled with built-in data integration, analytics and self-service data management tools.

Now you can take your analytics strategy to the next level by expanding the use of Oracle Analytics and Autonomous Data Warehouse into a powerful Oracle Data Lakehouse. This is the evolution of analytics. An intelligent platform that combines the best of data lakes and a data warehouse to present actionable insights faster.

Why do you need analytics and data management?

Competitive advantage

Data is becoming the key to competitive advantage. Your company’s ability to compete in any market will be directly linked to its capacity to leverage data, use analytics and embrace new technologies.

Better decisions

When analytics are applied to your data in a correct way, you can extract business-critical insights that will inform your decision making, improve your operations and generate more value.

Reduced risks

Analytics can help you predict trends in the future and access new insights about your clients, their behaviour and market trends, which in turn helps you make the right business choices and minimize risks.

Regulatory Compliance

Effective data management will help you avoid data breaches and data privacy issues while ensuring all relevant data is available and reported in the manner prescribed by lawmakers and regulatory bodies.

Customer success stories

We’ve helped hundreds of companies large and small, across a diverse set of industries achieve their finance transformation vision.

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ETI implemented an enterprise-wide analytics solution, building a full suite of internal and external facing reports combining data from many key business units.

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Unior 100


Unior leverages enterprise-wide business analytics platform to increase executive insight into core drivers of profitability and underlying performance. 

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Fiji Telecom

Telecom Fiji

Telecom Fiji adopts Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to achieve a complete re-platform of analytics and data warehouse workloads to the cloud.

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