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Financial Planning Optimized for NetSuite


Powered by Oracle PBCS leave spreadsheets behind and move to a best in
class digital planning platform fully integrated with NetSuite.

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The Power to Plan Anything.  Plan for Success Across Your Enterprise with Simple to Use, Powerful Planning all Pre-Built for NetSuite.

Remove spreadsheet inefficiencies and upgrade your planning, budgeting and forecasting processes for the digital age. Provide your teams with best-in-class financial management tools to reduce planning times, increase forecast accuracy and delivery on-time insights.

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Collaborate and Plan

Collaborative planning creates better outcomes and ensures alignment.  Create detailed budgets in days using best practice driver-based planning.  Leverage pre-built forms to create revenue plans, including different revenue types.  Plan at an employee level, create departmental budgets at multiple levels and achieve all this with your NetSuite data seamlessly integrated.

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popular features

Revenue Planning

Leverage recurring, non-recurring and driver based revenue models.

Workforce Planning

Choose to plan people costs to an employee level, or at higher levels.

NetSuite Inside

NetSuite data, metadata and structures are automatically integrated.

Become Predictive

Take forecasting to another level with embedded algorithms that learn from historical data to model and predict future outcomes.  Model your business using “what-if” scenarios, easily create multiple plan alternatives and compare them to each other and to actuals to drive optimal business performance with greater accuracy.  Evolve from a rear-view mirror of your business and become a predictive enterprise.

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popular features

Machine Forecasting

Includes advanced algorithms and statistical models that everyone can use.

Rolling Forecasts

Build driver-based rolling forecasts using the built-in rolling forecasting

What-if Scenarios

Create multiple scenarios in your own sandbox to validate ideas.

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Analyze and Adjust 

Achieve 'One Version of the Truth' and enjoy the deepest financial
performance reporting and monitoring.  Combine ERP, CRM (Salesforce) and operational data for a total picture.  With historical and current NetSuite data seamlessly integrated into your plans and forecasts, you have the tools you need observe, analyze and adjust to improve future outcomes rapidly.

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popular features

All Data

Combine ERP, CRM (Salesforce) and operational data to gain a total picture.

Automated Reporting

Schedule distribution of report packs and dashboards for timely insights.

Workflow Control

Use workflow rules and approval processes to incorporate changes with control.


The Most Advanced NetSuite - Oracle Data Orchestration Platform: Qubix CloudBridge

Pre-built automated data orchestration to connect NetSuite to Oracle Cloud, Saleforce, ERP, HR, SQL and Big Data sources such as Hadoop.

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The NetSuite Planning Template Solution


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Excel Integration

Love Excel? Then use it! Connect Excel and use it to slice and dice data for
ad-hoc analysis. Common planning actions, such as spreading and
allocation, are available directly within Excel.

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Intuitive Design

The mobile-ready interface of Oracle PBCS is designed to be intuitive. The navigation system is customizable, task lists lead users, embed instructions for further guidance and enjoy a graphics rich experience.

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Turbo Charged

Powered by Oracle PBCS running on Oracle's In-Memory Cloud Compute Platform to deliver high speed performance, scalability and 24/7 reliability. Leverage 250+ built in financial rules and calculations.

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Seamless Data Integration

Pre-built automated data orchestration with Cloud and on-premises data
sources including NetSuite, CRM, HR, SQL and Big Data sources such as
Hadoop with Qubix CloudBridge.

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Single Sign On

Oracle NetSuite and Oracle PBCS enjoy the convenience of single sign on
making it easy and transparent for teams to move between the applications
and application tabs.

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Perfect Fit

Our NetSuite PBCS Template is a flexible, automatically integrating your existing NetSuite data, metadata and structures, which means if NetSuite fits for your business today so will this solution.

Costly Implementations Are a Thing of the Past

Our NetSuite PBCS Template takes the cost and complexity out of your deployment and enables a fast time to benefit.  All you pay is a monthly subscription for the template, which includes training and on-going support.  No implementation fees.


Perfect for these Use Cases

• Annual Planning & Budgeting

• What-if Scenario Modeling

• Revenue Modeling

• Expense Planning

• Cash Flow Planning

• Product Sales Planning

• Cost Allocations

• Strategic Worforce Planning

• Cash Flow Planning

• And many more...

NetSuite PBCS Template

Delivery days included: 30

Fixed-scope pre-built template solution. 


Monthly Subscription 

Oracle software not included.

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What's Included

green_tick.png Revenue Planning

green_tick.png Expense Planning

green_tick.png Employee Planning

green_tick.png Training & Enablement 

green_tick.png Customer Success Manager

green_tick.png On-Going Customer Support

green_tick.png Qubix CloudBridge for data integration


Oracle software not included.

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We love NetSuite • 7+ years of global use.

Enabling the Predictive Enterprise at some of the world's smartest companies.

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Client Case Studies

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 Financial Transformation

No More Dark Data: Make More Informed Decisions with Analytics and ERP 

Gain insight in how top performing organisations are utilising data hidden in their ERP intelligently by applying Business Analytics. 

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