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Accelerate Your Oracle PBCS NetSuite Deployment.

This is Planning & Budgeting for NetSuite re-imagined.  The Qubix Template solution takes the cost and complexity out of your deployment and enables a faster time to benefit.  Our template solution is how everyone has always wanted to deploy Cloud Planning.

Pricing includes: Template, Go-Live Consulting, Training, and Support.
What's Included... QUICKSTART
Qubix NetSuite Template subscription per month per company £1,700
Qubix CloudBridge subscription per month per company Included
 Go-Live & Support...  
• Go-Live Consulting Days Included 30
• Support Days per Year 6
• Revenue Planning  
 - Standard revenue forms included green_tick 
 - Chart of accounts and entities automatically created green_tick 
 - Frequently used revenue drivers green_tick 
• Expense Planning  
 - Standard expense plan forms included green_tick 
 - Employee level planning ready green_tick 
 - Chart of accounts and entities automatically created green_tick 
 - Frequently used expense drivers green_tick 
• Application Build Automation  
 - Automatic creation of NetSuite Dimensions in PBCS (standard and custom)  green_tick
• Reporting and Analytics (report packs)  
 - Actual vs Plan green_tick 
 - Actual vs Last Year green_tick 
 - Forecast vs Plan green_tick 
 - Reporting Cube green_tick 
• Advanced Modeling  
 - What-if Scenarios  green_tick 
 - Predictive Modeling green_tick 
 - Rolling Forecast Modeling green_tick 
• Complete Data Integration  
 - Bi-Directional Metadata Integration  green_tick 
 - Bi-Directional Data Integration green_tick 
 - Workflow-Driven Data Integration Rules green_tick 
 - Integrate 3rd Party Data and Meta Data green_tick 
Key Terms...  
Contract Term 3 Years 
Template & CloudBridge subscriptions are per company, not based on number of users  1 Company
Price does not include Oracle PBCS Subscription Call for Quote

Perfect for all these Planning use cases...

Annual Planning & Budgeting • What If Scenario Modeling  • Strategic Workforce Planning • Revenue Modeling • Expense Modeling • Product Sales Planning • Cost Allocations • Cashflow Planning and more...


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