Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting 

Drive performance with intelligent planning.

Spend more time running your business, and less time maintaining planning processes with Cloud Planning and Budgeting.

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planning, budgeting and forecasting

Create an unfair advantage with an intelligent planning platform

In today's volatile and complex world stage, the context in which organizations undertake planning has altered. Traditional spreadsheet-based planning and budgeting are simply too slow, fragmented and error-prone.


We work with our clients to implement intelligent planning solutions that deliver real improvements in planning process efficiency and business performance. Beyond implementation, we can help ensure that leading practices are followed and adoption a huge success.


Put your numbers to work, create meaningful insights and steer wider business performance with Oracle EPM Cloud.

PBCS Planning and Forecasting


Planning and forecasting

Leverage prebuilt best-in-class modules including Workforce, Capital, Financials and Projects planning frameworks. Alternatively, build focused and customized solutions. It's planning your way. 

  • Driver-Based Planning
    Get the full picture with easy-to-create driver-based plans, reports and dashboards with instantaneous updates 
  • Planning Ownership
    Enable users to create customized financials, sales and operational models 
  • What-If Modelling and Sandbox
    Plan and forecast for complexity by using ad hoc scenario modeling, sandbox and predictive features
PBCS Scenario Modeling SEO


Scenario modeling

Understand market volatility and model for these financial and operational changes quickly. Create what-if scenarios, slice-and-dice data for various assumptions, run a Monte Carlo simulation and more.

  • Model for Uncertainty 
    Built-in scenario modeling features like goal-seek, iterative calculation logic, instant calculation, and undo capabilities
  • Align Strategy with Plans
    Highlight the impact of strategic decisions on the bottom line, balance sheet, cash flow, and shareholder value
  • Optimize Capital Structure
    Address the iterative nature of funding and the impact of strategies on credit ratings and capital structure
PBCS Financials



Leverage a fully integrated financial statement planning solution across the income statement, balance sheet, expenses and cash flow.

  • Revenue
    Easily configure financials for revenue, sales and gross margins planning with dimensions for unique business drivers 
  • Expense
    Use a configurable framework for driver-based and trends-based planning, use prebuilt best practice expense drivers
  • Balance Sheet
    Integrate balance sheets with income statements and cash flow 
  • Cash Flow
    Focus on cash flow with fully integrated cash flow (both direct and indirect)
PBCS Workforce


Workforce planning

Address employee-relate planning needs and measure workforce effectiveness against strategic objectives. 

  • Compensation Planning
    Plan by employee, by job code or both using driver-based planning for compensation-related expenses
  • HCM Integration
    Integrate workforce and strategic priorities with prebuilt integration with HCM Cloud
  • Business Wizards
    Use planning wizards to allow users to easily maintain complex employee expense calculations
PBCS Capital


Capital planning

Address planning needs associating with new and existing assets as well as intangibles. Assess long-range asset related impacts across the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.

  • New Capital Investment
    Create new standalone or project-based assets that support depreciation and amortization calculations and more
  • Manage Existing Assets
    Plan for asset related expenses such as repairs and insurance, including automated processes for retirements, transfers and improvements
  • Capital Expense Review
    Produce summary reports, actual versus plan, variances as well as the impact on the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow 
PBCS Projects


Project planning

Project-orientated industries can benefit from detailed project planning that allows for granular planning for employees, contractors, materials, and costs related to large scale projects. 

  • Streamline Project Planning
    Plan for IT, marketing campaign planning and research and development plans with driver-based for cost pools related to both short and long term projects
  • Detailed Project Planning
    Use project planning for more complex, project-orientated industries with driver-based planning for employee and asset related expenses
  • Project Performance
    Out of the box analysis and reports to review project performance, project revenues, expenses and cash flows with real-time metrics such as ROI
PBCS Data Integration


Data integration

Connect operational and financial systems around the organization on-premises or cloud. Utilize data management tools, import files or automated processes from source systems.

  • Integrate with Oracle and Other Source Systems
    Leverage existing IT investments and quickly integrate data from multiple sources including spreadsheets and native databases
  • Qubix Cloudbridge
    Integrate your PBCS application to on-premises data sources and more


User interface

An intuitive and easy-to-use interface that improves user productivity and adoption. 

  • Role-Based, Intuitive Interface
    Reduce training costs and increase user productivity with a modern, mobile-friendly, intuitive web interface, or use a familiar Excel interface
  • Role-Based Navigation Flows
    Create navigation flows that are tailored for groups of users based on their usage needs. Sales planners, expense planners, financial analysts, executives, and others can each have their own navigation flows
  • Interactive Dashboards
    Powerful visualization and dashboarding capabilities built-in
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