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Data is the raw material of your business.  We can reveal previously unseen insights in your data that will help you increase sales.

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Introducing Qubix Digital


At Qubix Digital we leverage business and social data to deliver digital transformation that accelerates revenue growth, reduces cost and provides our clients with a sustainable unfair advantage over their competitors.  Now isn't that a wonderful thing?

Our highly specialized focus in the advanced field of Predictive Analytics combined with our innovative Insight-as-a-Service engagement model is what separates us from the crowd.

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Predictive Analytics

Know and focus on your best outcomes

Are you tired of receiving business intelligence which is a rear-view mirror of past performance?  Predictive Analytics uses techniques such as data-mining, machine learning, modelling and artificial intelligence to learn from experience to make more accurate predictions of future outcomes in order to drive better decisions.

Business Intelligence alone is the wrong focus.  Business leaders today need to drive the business looking forward by getting answers to questions like what can we do to increase sales next week by 5% and what’s the probability of success?

In the digital age, prediction will create your unfair advantage over the competition.



Results without the delays, complexity and cost

We take the responsibility to design and host an advanced and scalable analytics platform, providing a team of highly skilled experts and Data Scientists to uncover hidden insights. The result? Measurable benefits to your business.

You no longer need to fund investment in hardware, software, data-integration, and highly specialized skills to create the predictions your business needs. No more waiting for results. No more battling to find and hire the right people. No more trying to keep up with the latest analytics or Big Data technologies.

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Revenue Acceleration Cloud Service (RACS)

The Revenue Acceleration Cloud Service uses advanced Predictive Analytics to increase sales by better predicting which customers are most likely to buy a product or service, when and where.




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Why Qubix Digital?



 IaaS Model: A New Way to Consume Insights

A complete and proven Insight-as-a-Service model that moves your business from fragmented data analytics to actionable data insights faster.


You Focus on Growth - We Provide the Insights

With Qubix Digital you can focus on growing your business by driving value from the insights we reveal in your data.


Proven Ability to Deliver  Expertise & Value

Our technology, analytics and industry experts have completed more than 300 analytics engagements. We're tried and tested.


 There's No Catch. We Can Help You Increase Sales.

Therefore, we are confident that we can deliver a service that is reliable, accurate and relevant to your organization and market.

We're Bean Counters.


Unlike a "digital marketing" service, we are accountants and finance people. We love profit & loss accounts and balance sheets. Really. At heart we're total bean counters.

So everything about RACS is tied to the measurable impact we can make on your P&L.

[SlideShare] Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning = Scale Sales - How?


Webcast Highlights 

  • A system for turning data streams into revenue streams.
  • A non-technical review of Machine Learning and why you should care.
  • The results of Aberdeen Group research that reveals the proven potential of Predictive Analytics.
  • How to build a business case for change..

Alternatively, you can watch the webcast.

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