Q.health Planning and Budgeting Solution

Q.health Planning and Budgeting Demos

These short demos cover template solution Dashboards, Pay Costs Budget, SmartView, Forecast Process and Task Management features.

Q.health Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting Demos:


Pre-built reports and dashboards that integrate actual data, plus budget and forecast data in a single source of the truth.

Plan at an employee level and remove the time and effort to calculating incremental drift. Complete with direct integration to ERP and ESR.

Remove spreadsheet chaos while still using familiar spreadsheets. The 'SmartView' feature connects your spreadsheets directly to the planning application.

Reduce the time and effort needed to produce forecasts to as little as one day.  Create "what-if" forecast scenarios in a personal sandbox.


Take control of the budgeting and forecasting process with task management. Increase user adoption with built-in task-level guidance and assistance.

We have proven healthcare experience.

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