We are pleased to announce that Cloudbridge version 3.6 - Langkawi - is now on general release. Langkawi is another big step forward for Cloudbridge, and at the heart of the new release is a complete redesign of the user interface.

We wanted to reflect the fact that Cloudbridge is not a single-function application, but a platform that you can use to build whatever data integration, master data management, or process automation solutions your business requires.

We have replaced the rigid, compartmentalized menu structure of previous versions with flexible menus that you can tailor to match your business processes. There's also a new global search capability, a bookmarks bar for frequently used items, and a live timeline for scheduled jobs, plus new Process Builder libraries connecting Cloudbridge to more applications.

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Cloudbridge is a central hub for data integration and master data management that can transform the success of your ERP, EPM, and Analytics projects with an innovative new approach to data integration and automation that lowers costs and accelerates delivery.

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