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A proven set of tools and capabilities to reduce risk, accelerate value creation and deliver the ultimate customer experience for our clients ERP and HCM programs.

Q.vate™ methodology

Introducing intelligent ERP and HCM design

Over the years, ERP systems have become monolithic, inflexible structures that often limit the benefits brought by digitalization. This is often the result of never-ending customizations that supported growth but created unwanted cost and complexity. Although some organizations have taken advantage of the natural upgrade lifecycle of their ERP systems, these projects did a poor job of simplifying their wider strategy. In fact, many of these projects became mired in delays, cost overruns and the relationship with the consultancy breaking down.

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Our Q.vate™ methodology reduces the risk of transformation, leverages industry best-practices and accelerates time-to-value. It pulls from years of expertise and deep experience over hundreds of projects across sectors to ensure project success and maximum impact. Crucially, Q.vate™ outlines a focused set of standardized functions; recognizing modern ERP cannot support all business processes, end-to-end. Following from this, our approach leverages industry best-practices and adapts your processes to those, instead of altering the technology to support your current processes. This is underpinned by our change management program which ensures the successful adoption of the new ways of working. We know a successful ERP implementation must keep an eye on the big picture: enabling the organization to operate more nimbly. Our background in delivering EPM applications and Analytics platforms means we know how to integrate these systems to support specific functional needs. 

Q.vate™ is more than a technology upgrade or migration, it is a highly informed point-of-view toward ERP and HCM transformation that equips your organization for its digital future.

Q.vate™ methodology

What we do

Scenario-specific capabilities that range from business-case and roadmap development to solution planning, implementation and ongoing application support. 

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On-Premises ERP and HCM
For some organizations, the objective of an ERP project may simply be replacing legacy systems as cost-effectively as possible with the minimum of disruption to the business. For these clients, we offer deep ERP, process and industry knowledge, project predictability and the comfort of working with a partner that has been through the ERP journey before.

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Cloud ERP and HCM
Cloud ERP and HCM is an enabler of digital transformation. For these clients, we provide pre-defined business process templates, tools to accelerate migrations and extensive project and change management experience. As a global business, we have experience in projects in which challenges are amplified by time zone, language, and cultural differences.


ERP Planning
ERP projects have a reputation for being expensive, resource-intensive and sometimes considered risky. CFOs and CIOs will not approve ERP projects without a robust business case, cost/benefit analysis, roadmaps, implementation strategy, and team commitment. Our approach will bring these components together so that you can seek approval with confidence and plan for success.


Cloud ERP Readiness
Our approach provides senior leadership as well as implementation team workshops. These ensure a common understanding of project objectives, target benefits, success factors, and business process change. Moreover, the implementation process, as well as resource requirements, roles and responsibilities, and skills matrix are outlined. Our workshops are typically one or two days.

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ERP Interactive Business Case
Build and model a business case into an online interactive tool that can model different financial scenarios and apply weightings to target benefits. We will work with you to identify the improvement opportunities enabled by ERP and, where possible, quantify these in financial terms. We will validate that benefits are realistic and supported by key stakeholders.

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Target Process Redesign
Q.vate™ takes a fresh approach to the “to-be” process design by replacing the “as-is” assessment with the presentation of a library of good practice processes already built-in to the Oracle Cloud application.  This accelerates the “to-be” that results in shortened delivery cycles and reduced costs. Our approach includes workshops, Show & Tell sessions and change requests.

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Change Management
Q.vate™ takes a different view to “change management” by focusing on the core drivers that deliver successful adoption of new ways of working. This includes a project app, transition roadmaps, a benefits map, key stakeholder summit and access to Qubix Academy, our online training platform with project-related training materials.

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Implementation Remediation
We provide ERP and HCM project recovery services to rescue projects that are in difficulty (think "Big Four"). We leverage the full extent of our project experiences to quickly identify the root cause of the issues, provide recommendations (ease/cost of resolution), outline the project plan to senior stakeholders, and take over project delivery responsibility.


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Our services cover the full spectrum of finance and IT transformation. From strategy creation to solution design, implementation, project resourcing and managed services. We have a global delivery capability that is a fusion of skills, methodologies, accelerators and specialist capabilities that generates value faster for our clients.

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