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Revenue Acceleration Cloud Service (RACS) is an advanced analytics platform and service that increases sales and reduces costs.


RACS is powered by advanced Predictive Analytics and very clever Data Science.  With improved prediction you increase the probability of additional sales and of more satisfied customers, driving your business forward in an entirely new way.


Evidence based customer segmentation

Recommended product or service targeting actions

Offer Response modeling 

Customer Churn modeling

Forecast or Plan Drivers

Sales Priority Modeling

Personalization models

What-if scenarios

P&L impact predictions 


Close the Analytics Loop With Your Existing Business Intelligence Services 

RACS is designed to integrate with your existing Oracle Business Intelligence services including: OBIEE, BI Cloud Service (BICS), Visual Explorer and more. 

See predicted outcomes and the business impact of results created by RACS directly in your existing Oracle apps.

How does RACS work?

RACS uses advanced techniques, such as Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Behavioural Analytics to analyze the data you provide. We enrich this data so when interrogated by our data scientists we can reveal previously unseen sales opportunities.


Eat the Data



We have identified a number of data signals that we know will optimise the performance of RACS.

We work with you to take care of all of the data sourcing, preparation, transformation and loading into RACS. 


Analyze the Data



The Qubix Digital Lab uses algorithms, Predictive Analytics, Behavioural Analytics and advanced techniques such as Machine Learning to find the insights hiding in your data.


Action the Data



As we discover opportunities to increase sales or reduce costs, we share our recommendations and proposed actions.

We will provide predicited outcomes and integrate results with your existing Oracle apps and other leading BI tools. 

About the Technology

Technical Architecture of the RACS Platform.

RACS is based on the same best-in-class advanced technology used by the likes of Google and Amazon. The solution is based on enterprise grade hardware and software from Oracle:

    1. Delivery Model: Cloud

    2. Hardware: Oracle Engineered Systems; 3 nodes with 32 OCPUs per node, 256 GB RAM and 48 TB storage per node

    3. Database: Oracle

    4. Data Orchestration: Qubix CloudBridge, Apache HIVE & Impala, Java SerDe.

      Analytic Engines & Machine Learning: Oracle Enterprise R, Java, Hadoop, Spacial & Graphic, Apache Mahoot, Apache Spark

    5. *Business Intelligence: BI Cloud Service, Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, Oracle Big Data Discovery, Oracle Visual Analyzer, R Studio

RACS is a secure, high-performance, world-class, scalable advanced analytics platform which can be fully integrated with existing enterprise data including Oracle Database and Oracle Applications.

*Optional - BI Cloud Service included in RACS HD Edition.


RACS Is Exactly What You Would Build...If You Had the Expertise, Time & Money to Build It.

RACS is built on a standard framework, but is fully customizable and will be delivered in a safe and secure environment to protect you and your data. RACS is:

  1. An immediate solution for your complex data and insight needs

  2. Allows you to quickly test new data and analytical scenarios without capital investment

  3. Full service with industry and analytical experts to provide you with relevant and timely insights

  4. Designed to leverage big data sources integrated with your core business data

  5. Secure and scalable – can be rapidly scaled up and down

If you are looking for actionable insights that will grow revenues or reduce costs, but want this insight faster and at less expense than your current strategy, then Qubix Digital can help you.


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Why Qubix Digital?



 IaaS Model: A New Way to Consume Insights

A complete and proven Insight-as-a-Service model that moves your business from fragmented data analytics to actionable data insights faster.


You Focus on Growth - We Provide the Insights

With Qubix Digital you can focus on growing your business by driving value from the insights we reveal in your data.


Proven Ability to Deliver Expertise & Value

Our technology, analytics and industry experts have completed more than 300 analytics engagements. We're tried and tested.


 There's No Catch. We Can Help You Increase Sales.

Therefore, we are confident that we can deliver a service that is reliable, accurate and relevant to your organization and market.

We're bean counters.


Unlike a "digital marketing" service, we are accountants and finance people. We love profit & loss accounts and balance sheets. Really. At heart we're total bean counters.

So everything about RACS is tied to the measurable impact we can make on your P&L.

[SlideShare] Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning = Scale Sales - How?


Webcast Highlights 

  • A system for turning data streams into revenue streams.
  • A non-technical review of Machine Learning and why you should care.
  • The results of Aberdeen Group research that reveals the proven potential of Predictive Analytics.
  • How to build a business case for change..

Alternatively, you can watch the webcast.

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