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Sales Planning and Forecasting

The Road to Smarter, Faster, and Simpler Sales Planning
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The Complete Sales Planning & Forecasting Suite


Rapidly create sales and revenue forecasts that align with corporate models and increase the chances of sales success. A complete Operational Sales Planning and Forecasting solution that fills the gaps in your CRM and replaces inefficiencies of spreadsheets.

Four Essential Solutions for Sales Management

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Sales Planning & Forecasting

Sales Planning and Forecasting allows you to create top down or bottom up sales plans that meet or exceed corporate revenue goals, using advanced techniques not posible in your CRM or spreadsheets such as 'What-If' modelling and predictive analytics to maximise your chances of success.

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Trend Reporting

Analyse performance with advanced reporting to identify key trends and connections. Unlike many CRM systems, Trend Reporting saves weekly or monthly snapshots to allow deep analysis across teams, managers, sales stages, forecast categories and much more.

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Quota & Commission Planning

Replace complex spreadsheets and remove ambiguity from your quota and commission planning. Gain the ability to model short term spiffs, commission splits, one-time bonuses, simple and complex commission schemes and other compensation execptions.

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Territory Planning

Integrate historical order or demand data with current data from sales and marketing, including lead, opportunity, pipeline and accounts to consolidate a complete territory view. Model different scenarios inlcuding direct and indirect channels and gain the ability to plan at a zip/post-code level.

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Connect to Salesforce.com


Now sales leaders can combine financial  data with sales insight locked in Salesforce.com to create an integrated sales planning, forecasting and performance tracking solution.

Designed for Salesforce.com admins or business analysts to easily sync common Salesforce data and custom data to the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service.

CloudBridge templates provide pre-built mappings between common Salesforce.com data modules such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities with the Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service.  

Data is easily synchronized via a secure high-performance integration enabling real-time insights across all key data sources. 

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Sales Planning and Forecasting in Action


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Empower your Finance and Sales Team to collaborate and ensure everyone is using the same and most-up-to-date data to derive smarter plans. 
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