Strategic Modeling

A new navigation system for finance

Rapidly model multiple scenarios to assess the impact on profit, cash flow, liquidity, equity value, balance sheet strength and more. Create a path that makes sense for your business.

strategic Modeling

Strategic Modeling is a digital cockpit for finance leaders to navigate a successful path forward.

Strategic Modeling helps finance leaders to rapidly analyze the effects of a fast-changing environment and uncertainties with pre-built capabilities purpose-built for finance leaders. Think of a critical question, and Strategic Modeling can answer it. What if we acquire a competitor? What will be the impact on shareholder value, cash flow, or debt? What businesses should we exit? What is the effect and by when? What if we have payment delays, inventory fluctuations, or supply-chain disruptions? Strategic Modeling is the cockpit for finance leaders. Quickly model, evaluate and chart a course.

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Strategic Modeling key benefits: 

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Model for Uncertainty

Use what-if modeling capabilities to respond to change quickly and effectively. Build resilience by simulating long-term alternative strategies, developing contingent scenarios, and stress testing financial models. Why use a spreadsheets when you can have a modern digital cockpit to navigate the future?

Align Strategy

Align Strategy with Plans

Consolidate multiple plans to build a long-range financial strategy across the organization. Align operational plans with the strategy by setting meaningful targets, performing sensitivity analysis, and use pre-built reports to visualize critical metrics for clearer decision-making.

Optimise capital structure

Optimize Capital Structure

Provide clarity and insight into all aspects of financial performance from earnings potential to working capital. Address the complex iterative nature of funding, the impact of strategies on credit ratings, and capital structure optimization. Use treasury planning capabilities to reduce the cost of capital.

Strategic Modeling 

Key features and capabilities

Leverage numerous out-of-the-box features and capabilities that serve the needs of strategic finance leaders.

Strategy Alignment

Strategy Alignment
Adopt a closed-loop planning process. Align strategy with bottom-up operational plans by setting meaningful targets, performing rapid financial impact analysis, and focused visualizations of critical metrics for informed, aligned decision-making.

Deal Simulation

Deal Simulation
Leverage the Deal Period feature to quickly model the impact of multiple M&A transactions in a given timeframe. Provide executive leadership with the ability to choose an approach that has the highest probability of increasing shareholder value.

Cost of Fund Management

Cost of Funding Management
Strategic Planning includes funding management capabilities. Use a variety of methods for specifying the way cash surpluses and deficits are treated. Create effective treasury strategies that lower the cost of funding and optimize your organization's capital structure.

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Debt Management
Create fixed or variable-rate debt instruments, such as bonds and term loans, and update all financial statements accordingly, in just a few seconds. Calculate the cost or impact debt periodically. Achieve a significant time saving and remove any risks of errors or omissions. 


Automate a Consolidated View
Strategic Modeling automates financial statement calculations and P&L movements, including income statement, balance sheet and cash flow. The balance sheet will automatically balance saving hours of time creating and checking key financial statements manually.


Oracle EPM Cloud Integration
Strategic Modeling is seamlessly connected to other core Oracle planning applications, including capital planning, projects and workforce planning. This integration allows finance teams to quickly and easily move data from operational plans to their strategic plans.

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Strategic Modeling Q.accelerator™

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Strategic Modeling

Provide strategic finance leaders with the clarity and insight they need to navigate uncertainty with advanced modeling capabilities.

  • Model for uncertainty using what-if scenarios. Assess the impact on cash flow, liquidity and balance sheet strength. Respond to change quickly and effectively.
  • Align strategy with plans with closed-loop planning. Consolidate multiple scenarios to create a long-range plan and set targets against bottom-up plans.
  • Leverage prebuilt financial modeling tools. Calculate the cost of debt, model the impact of M&A transactions, optimize capital structure and more.

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