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Allied Irish Bank (AIB) 

AIB Moves to Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service to Improve Insight and Support Better Decision Making.
"Having the actual data loaded to the system in an automated way is a benefit and having the flexibility to load actuals each month provides the platform to run rolling forecasts in a structured way."
Cyril Brennan
Head of Planning and Forecasting, AIB Group Finance

AIB makes move to Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud Services to minimise challenges previously faced in the Planning process.

AIB is a financial services group operating predominantly in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. AIB provide a comprehensive range of services to personal, business and corporate customers in target markets and have leading market shares in banking products in the Republic of Ireland. AIB’s business has been restructured in recent years becoming a customer focused, profitable and lower risk institution, well positioned to support economic recovery in Ireland while seeking to generate sustainable shareholder returns.

AIB were reliant on multiple large complex spreadsheets with various layers of consolidation for the Planning and Forecast process.

Qubix assisted AIB to implement Planning & Budgeting Cloud Services through a Sprint base approach, releasing functionality every 3-6 weeks. The delivery was split across 7 Sprints, each sprint including weekly ‘Show & Tells’ and an end of Sprint Conference Room Pilot.

  • Large cumbersome spreadsheets and the inherent issues this brought including:
    • Time-consuming and resource-intensive to run the Planning process.
    • Lack of transparency of process and data.
    • Only one user is able to work on one spreadsheet at a time.
    • Risk of spreadsheet errors and file corruption.
    • Time-consuming and complicated to implement process changes.
    • Difficulty in managing version control for what-if planning, multiple submissions and reporting on what if variances.
    • Unable to complete monthly Forecast at the required level.
    • Time-consuming during the aggregation of data from all business lines into a consolidated view due to the number and size of spreadsheets.
    • More time spent managing the process than analysing the data.
    • Loading and managing source data in spreadsheets.
  • Improved data accuracy and user confidence in the Plans and Forecasts.
  • Reduced reliance on the large complex spreadsheets and minimising the inherent issues spreadsheets brought.
  • Reduced time in managing the process and more time to analyze data, the Planning tool does all calculations and aggregation of data.
  • Reduced effort in completing the Planning process with the elimination of manual processes.
  • Increased data transparency throughout the Planning process, Centre Team who have visibility of the Plans and Forecasts as they are created.
  • Standardised assumptions that drive the Plans and Forecasts for each product area and these are understood by the business.
  • Ability to create monthly rolling Forecasts at the required level.
  • Processes aligned across Legal Entities, providing a common understanding of how Plans and Forecasts are created.
"Qubix provided pragmatic solutions and their PBCS knowledge and ability to execute on PBCS is very strong. The project executed in a smooth manner and Qubix were excellent overall."
Gareth Keenan
Chief Data Officer, AIB
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About Allied Irish Bank

Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. is one of the so-called Big Four commercial banks in Ireland. AIB offers a full range of personal and corporate banking services. AIB Capital Markets is the division of the company that offers international banking and treasury operations. The bank also offers a range of general insurance products such as home, travel, and health insurance. It offers life assurance and pensions through its tied agency with Irish Life Assurance p.l.c.

Industry: Financial Services

HQ: Dublin, Ireland

Employees: 10,000

Website: https://www.aib.ie

Technology and Services Used

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