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Oracle Hyperion 11.1.x is nearing End of Support. Now is the time to take action.

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There is an unavoidable reality brewing for companies still using on-premise Oracle Hyperion EPM. The December 2021 end-of-support deadline is quickly approaching. According to Oracle's support plan, you have until December 2021 to either:

  • Upgrade on-premise Oracle Hyperion to 11.2.x
  • Move to Oracle Cloud EPM
Either of these options must be considered carefully, and our consultants have discovered some tips and challenges that are not covered in the Oracle guidance that make this choice more complex than it looks.


What is happening, and why you should act.

Organizations running Oracle Hyperion EPM applications of the 11.1.X version series (e.g., Hyperion Planning/HP, Hyperion Financial Management/HFM, Tax Reporting, etc.) will no longer be offered premier support from Oracle after December 2021.

Oracle will provide extended and sustaining support that will inevitably result in continued degradation of compatibilities, performance, and compliance over time.

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What does this mean to organizations on 11.2.X?

It means that any of the existing applications on 11.1.X will no longer receive product enhancements or updates after 2021.

Our analysis shows that this is likely to lead to performance issues, reliability risks or other complications such as:

  • server memory max-out
  • browser incompatibility
  • increased consolidation cycle time
  • non-compliance to audit requirements
  • possible incompatibility issues with future MS Office versions

Client's with complex Oracle Hyperion EPM estates will likely face many time-consuming and risk inducing scenarios that can be avoided.


What are the choices?

The short answer to this is to either upgrade to Hyperion 11.2.X – an on-premise offering – or move to the Oracle EPM Cloud offering.

Our consultants have helped hundreds of clients optimize, migrate, upgrade and enhance their Oracle Hyperion EPM applications, and we can help you make the right choices for your organisation.

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