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Oracle ERP Fusion Financials Training

May-June (view all dates/times below) 1 hourUnited Kingdom 🇬🇧

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Oracle ERP Fusion Financials "Quick Wins" Training

Oracle Fusion Financials is one of the most powerful tools you have within your organisation today. To help hardworking finance teams and delivery experts in these challenging times, we are offering free Oracle Fusion Financials training in the areas we have found deliver the most impact to our clients.

Training agenda:

  1. Fixed Asset Configuration through Rapid Implementation (RI) and Update Rapid Implementation sheet.
    • How to fill in and use FA RI
    • Pros and Cons of using the RI
    • How to use update RI sheet to update configuration
  2. Loading Asset Calendar and Prorate Convention through Spreadsheet.
    • How to use a configuration package to load Asset Calendar and Prorate Convention through a spreadsheet
  3. Netting agreement setup.
    • Configuration for Netting Agreement
    • Custom roles for Netting Agreement
  4. Expense Report DFF by context value.
    • How to create DFF for each Expense Report Types
  5. 1099 Report setup.
    • Configuration and Prerequisite for 1099 report
    • How to run a 1099 report in the Cloud

Benefits of joining:

  1. Learn new ways of using Oracle Fusion Financials to increase the depth and quality of insights and analysis.
  2. Get a better understanding of how your Fusion footprint can provide quick returns with minimal impact.
  3. Learn how Fixed Assets can help better manage your operations.

Training dates:

All training sessions will take place on Thursday's @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm UK BST.

  • May 28th
  • June 4th
  • June 18th


  • You must have a beginner to intermediate understanding of your finance business processes and how Fusion Financials has been implemented within your organisation.
  • Finance organisation professional registrations will be prioritised.


  • Oracle ERP Fusion Financials Training

    Meet our Fusion Financials expert

    Philip Charles John

    Philip Charles John

    Head of Fusion Financials, The Qubix Group