Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 11:00-11:45 PST Webcast

Dynamic Cash Flow Planning and What-if Modeling

Learn how leading companies leverage new technology to navigate through times of certainty and uncertainty using dynamic cash flow planning and what-if scenario modeling.

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Dynamic Cash-Flow Forecasting — A Must-Have for FP&A Teams

Having a model that is dynamic, easily updated for changing conditions, and able to support iterative scenario analysis isn’t a luxury; it’s a must have.

As the global economy is disrupted by a black swan event, curtailing the ability to conduct business-as-usual, some finance teams are in a tail-spin, but others have prepared for such an event. They have invested in agile finance tools that deliver confidence-weighted cash flow predictions, with dynamic modeling capabilities to adjust rapidly to critical drivers. They can provide reports faster, with greater accuracy and less effort to key stakeholders.

Get ahead of the curve to predict what the "New Normal" will be for your business. Assess the different scenarios and their impact on future financial performance. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The different approaches to short, medium and long-term cash flow planning
  • How cash flow modeling in action will help drive faster more informed insights
  • The role of "What-if" planning and how this approach increases decision confidence
  • How to visualize and present information in actionable dashboards and reports

Who should attend?

  • Finance Leaders
  • Finance and FP&A professionals
  • Analytics/Business Intelligence leads



  • Webcast - Cash Flow Modeling and What-if Sandboxing for Crisis Management | Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

    Expert Panel

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    David Madan

    Managing Director

    Mike Pera

    Mike Pera

    Enterprise Performance Management Lead


    Roger Cressey

    Finance Transformation Practice Lead