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Extreme Finance Customer Panel 

Recorded April, 2020 1 hourSydney, Australia

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In light of recent events, finance teams and analysts globally are grappling with market volatility and disruption. In many cases, this is greater than their current ability to respond. Organisations that fail to adapt and make sound business decisions quickly will be at higher risk.

This customer panel webcast explores the key concepts of 'Extreme Finance', which is an agile operating model underpinned by new technology. The conversation explores how our speakers, featuring special guest Martin O'Dywer, Assistant VP Finance Director at TJX, have transformed their finance function and the benefits experienced.

Main topics of focus:

  • How finance leaders are transforming performance and their ability to react to changing circumstances at speed through the use of technology.
  • The ability to create richer, more in-depth analysis across multiple scenarios and business functions.
  • Learn directly from clients how they have benefited from implementing the core pillars of 'Extreme Finance' systems. 

What are the benefits of watching this webcast:

  • Understanding how leading finance functions are delivering more value to the business and why it's important to change now.
  • Hear first-hand lessons from finance leaders how they transformed their finance and analytical functions and the benefits they have gained.
  • See the latest Oracle solutions to understand the critical features that will save you time; help you make better decisions and adapt with greater confidence in a changing world.

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  • Extreme Finance Webcast

    Panel Speakers

    Martin ODywer

    Martin O'Dwyer

    Assistant VP Director of Finance, TJX Australia

    Marc Southey

    Marc Southey

    ANZ Enterprise Director, The Qubix Group

    Fred Wang

    Fred Wang

    Principal Consultant, The Qubix Group

    Manfred Dietrich

    Manfred Dietrich

    Solution Specialist, Oracle Corporation